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Support Service for Application for Special Permission of Residence.

This is the service to apply for Special Permission of Residence that is part of the deportation procedures. Consultations, preparation of application documents, lodgment of the documents at Immigration Bureau, and having a visa seal attached to the applicant’s passport are included in the service.

The service is for overstays (illegal residents) who want to obtain regular visas (status of residence) for some reason.

Those who are in one of situations below have better chance to obtain regular visas by applying for Special Permission of Residence.

・Married Japanese (or planning to marry Japanese)
・Have a Japanese Dependant.
・Married someone with “Permanent Resident” or “Long-Term Resident” (or planning to marry).

 Apart from them Special Permission of Residence could be granted to a person who is “recognized as a refugee” or “staying in Japan for a few decades”. But we do not deal with such cases because they are high likely to take a few years for a court to judge.

 If you are in such situation you need to be aware of that the case brought to a court shall be against the government. We advise you to consult a lawyer who is familiar with international human rights. Unfortunately we do not introduce lawyers. Please bring your inquiry to a Bar Association.

The Service detail and the fee.

1.Details of the service.

①Preparation of application documents.
We provide consultations and prepare documents without mistake.

②Lodgment of application documents at Immigration Bureau.
1-2 hour- interview is held on first attendance at the Bureau. A staff from ACROSEED tells you about frequently asked questions made by the offices and instruct you how to answer them. He shall wait for you in a waiting room just in case you are detained. (In principle only the spouse can attend the interview with you)

③Consultations provided until a visa is granted.
It takes 1-3 years to obtain a visa after the first attendance at Immigration Bureau although the period varies depending on the case. During the period you can talk to us about the visa, everyday life in Japan, questions and problems regarding the visa application.

④Application for Provisional Release (if detained after the application was made).
If you are detained by police or other authority after first attendance at Immigration Bureau, application documents for Provisional Release shall be prepared and explanations on the application are given to your spouse or a family member. To you a staff pays a visit to explain the assessment process and the prospect of your application. In principle he accompanies your spouse or a family member to Immigration Bureau to apply for your Provisional Release.

⑤ Notification of change after the application.
If there is any change in your circumstance such as change of address, change of job, childbirth, and the spouse temporarily leaving Japan, we make a summary of the change and lodge it as an extra document.

⑥Checking application status.
If there is no contact from the Bureau 1 year after the application was lodged we shall contact them to confirm the visa application status.

2.The fee of support service for the application.

Support Service for application for Special Permission of Residence.
(Normal Application)
(tax inclusive)

Support Service for application for Special Permission of Residence
(No Lawful Passport exists because he/she used false name, or secretly enter Japan)
(tax inclusive)

The application for the Special Permission for Residence must be made after correcting the marriage registration because he/she married under false name.
(tax inclusive)

The Procedure to Obtain the Special Permission for Residence.

①Free Consultations
 First we need to gather some information about why you have become an overstay, and we decide whether or not we support you for the application for the Special Permission for Residence.


②Contract and Payment
 If you decide to use our service you need to sign a contract and make a payment. Normally our clients pay the full amount before we start our work.


③Required Documents.
 We advise you what document to prepare according to your circumstance.  


④Preparing Documents for the Application.
  We prepare all required documents for the application on the basis of those you presented to us.


⑤Visiting the Immigration Bureau.
 We shall explain the course of assessment of the application in detail, then one of our staffs will accompany you to the Immigration Bureau. The date and time for the visit shall be 8:30am or 1:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday because Tokyo Immigration Bureau is closed on Wednesday.


⑥ Time-Lag
There is about 1-year-time-lag before an Immigration Officer is allocated to your application and the Investigation starts. If your circumstances change by, for example, change of job, moving, or childbirth during this period you need to inform that to the Immigration Bureau. We will prepare documents to notify such change.

If there is no response from the Immigration Bureau the staff shall check up the application status.


If you are contacted by the Immigration Bureau please let us know as soon as possible. If any problem in your application arises we help you to solve it.


⑧ Grant of Permit for Provisional Release and a Regular Visa.
Generally speaking, a visa will be granted soon after you are released provisionally. Once you are granted of a regular visa we give a piece of general advice on the visa condition and finalize our service to you.

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