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Support Service for Marriage Registration

A well experienced staff proposes you a method to complete marriage registration after consultations. And our staffs prepare documents and one of them accompany you to a relevant administrative office after we had meetings with a staff from a relevant administrative office. You receive our support until the marriage registration is completed on the basis of Japan Law (or International Law).

Please use this service when there is a difficulty in preparing required documents such as regular passport and a certificate of single status for marriage.

・The Embassy in Japan does not issue the Certificate of Single Status because my spouse is an overstay.
・I cannot marry in my true name because I entered Japan with a passport in someone else’s name.
・I cannot leave Japan because my spouse is overstaying.
・I have done marriage registration in false name due to the inevitable circumstance.

Details of International Marriage Registration Support Service and the fee and charge.

1.Details of International Marriage Registration Support Service.

■Our goal is to complete marriage registration in accordance with either Japanese Law or International Law.

■ Registration method and required documents vary depending on cities or towns, or Embassies. We discuss and find a method that matches your situation.

2.Charge for International Marriage Registration Support Service.

International Marriage Registration Support Service(normal)
21,000 (Tax inclusive)

International Marriage Registration Support Service
(If there is no Passport/Single Status Certificate.)
84,000 (Tax inclusive)

*If the Marriage Registration failed refund of \84,000 is available. However if you are to blame for the failure no refund is available. Please refer to the contract for detailed information.

*In some cases we cannot help some clients whose possibility for successful marriage

Process of marriage registration

1.Free consultations on Special Permission of Residence.
We provide consultations confirming the contents of the documents prepared by you. 

2.Investigation by a staff in charge of Application Service for Special Permission of Residence.
The staff in charge investigates the condition of marriage registration varying depending on the city and the town the applicant lives in, or the Embassy of the applicant’s country.


3.Contract and Payment
If you are satisfied with the contents of the service and our policy we would like you to sign a contract and make a payment. Normally we ask you to pay the full amount before initiation of our service.


4.Preparation of required documents and lodgment of an application form for marriage registration.
We accompany you to a city or town hall to lodge an application form with prepared documents. 


5.Completion of application for marriage registration.

*We cannot comment on when the application is approved (or the birth certificate is issued).

*In some cases investigations are conducted by Foreign Affair Bureau. In the case it takes 2~3 months before approval.

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