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Q: Can I work soon after I turned myself in at an Immigration Bureau?

It does not mean you are granted of a visa soon after appearing at an Immigration Bureau.

You remain being an illegal resident until a regular visa is granted, so you are not allowed to work. If you have someone you can depend on such as your spouse you cannot work.

However if you have to make a living by yourself it may be tolerated.

Q. Does police not arrest me if I present a piece of paper which I obtained from an Immigration Bureau when I went there?

Yes, it sometimes does.

There is no change in your status as an illegal resident until you are granted of a regular visa. A piece of paper given to you from an Immigration Bureau that says “Regarding Documents to be Submitted” has a receipt number. But it is a simple presentation of that the Immigration Bureau has received your application.

There used to be some cases that police did not arrest illegal residents if they present the piece of paper. But lately almost all illegal residents are arrested once they are found by police regardless to the fact that some of them were on applications for Special Permission for Residence.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a visa after having the first hearing?

The term varies depending on the case. In some cases it takes about 3~10 months. In some cases it takes 2~3 years. But in majority cases it takes about 12~18 months.

Although it is not clear yet which case is given priority for the assessment there seems to be tendency. As soon as we found that out we will put that up on our website.

Q: I applied for the Special Permission for Residence. But I want to go back to my country to visit my mother because she is ill. Is that okay?

I am afraid to say this but you cannot leave Japan while you are on application for the Special Permission for Residence.

If you have no choice but going home you have to give up the permission and have to be deported to go back to your country. As the assessment takes more than 1 year of time cases like this are not exceptions, but you have only 2 choices: deportation or staying Japan until the assessment finishes..

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