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Q: Is it possible to marry an illegal Resident?

Of course it is.

Marrying someone you love is a right given by the Japanese Constitution, therefore no one can invade that.

However “Marrying someone you like” and “Marrying someone you like and live in Japan” are two different things. Please do not be confused about that.

Q: If an application for Marriage Registration is submitted at a city hall, does a staff report to Police if the applicant is overstaying?

There is an actual instance regarding this question. A staff called up Police.

It is really a rare case. Normally it is unlike to happen. But in some cities and towns staffs do report to Police when they find an illegal resident abiding by the policy.

It seems staffs in remote areas where only a small number of aliens reside and staffs at the branch offices where alien-related works are rarely handled, report to police.

Just in case, it is advised to prepare yourself to go to an Immigration Bureau after lodging an application form for Marriage Registration.

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