Q: Why do you fully refund the payment when application for Special Permission for Residence is rejected?

We have been doing reapplications for unsuccessful ones for, such as, Working Visa so that our client can at least feel more relaxed. Although we know we should do the same thing for an unsuccessful application for Special Permission for Residence there is no second chance for the permission unlike to other normal visa applications because the applicant is deported once the application has been rejected.

So we came to a conclusion that all we can do to reduce the burden of the client, when the application is unsuccessful, is to fully refund the money.

Q: Why do you fully refund the payment when application for Special Permission for Residence is rejected while many Visa Application Specialists require deposit and charge rest of the fee according to the result of the application?

Since opened in 1986 ACROSEED has been handling mainly Visa Applications for more than 20 years. We have a lot of experience and good record in the field. Besides we apply for various kinds of visas. This brought us an ability to sense the change in assessment criteria and Immigration Bureau’s latest movement to restrict overstay naturally. We can foresee the result of the application based on the consultations to high extent.

We have stuck to our policy that “we do not accept cases that are high likely to be rejected” for 20 years. It is our pride that the rate of successful applications for Special Permission for Residence is almost 100%. This is why we can fully refund the payment if an application is rejected.

Q: Has ACROSEED never failed to obtain the Special Permission for Residence for clients?

Unfortunately there are a few unsuccessful applications in the past. But there are 3 reasons for that. They are:

1.Concealment of important information by the client
2.Misconduct (Divorce, Apprehension for Criminal Activity, the Spouse’s Disappearance after the application, etc).
3.Applications made nevertheless it was clear that they would high likely be unsuccessful.

We usually refuse cases like 3 explaining the reason. But if the application has to be made in consideration of the situation although there is a little chance and if the client strongly desires to apply we consider applying.

Even in such cases explanations on our range of service regarding applications for Special Permission for Residence and Special Permission for Landing are given, and we still support our clients with our best effort to obtain visas even if it takes a few years.

Q. Is there additional fee? Or is the fee different case by case?

 Normally there is no additional fee and all of the fees are fixed. They do not vary case by case.

 We gather as much information as possible to make the procedure smooth when you consult us so that there would be no extra work and charge. But if we find an extra work and inevitably have to charge additional fee we shall give you an explanation on that. When you request more than 1 work such as “application for Marriage Registration” and “application for Special Permission for Residence” we prepare detailed bill unless there is a special reason for not preparing that.

You will be clear about our service detail and the fee we you request our assistance.

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