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1. Since opened in 1986 we have handled 8061 visa applications.

ACROSEED Immigration Lawyer’s Office (previously Sano Gyoseishoshi Lawyer’s Office) have a lot of experience and record in visa application since opened in 1986. The former director even worked as a consultant at Tokyo Immigration Bureau Information Center for 3 years.
We are the pioneer in visa application business as we have been in the field since the introduction of the Agent Application SYSTEM in 1988.
(The system which allows immigration lawyers to act for their clients in visa applications).

 Our experience and the achievement are highly evaluated. Now we are the legal advisor on visa for, for example, Itochu Corporation, First Career Trading co.,ltd, and a major language school.

2. Very High Rate of Successful Visa Applications.


Our priority when doing our job is to obtain visas for our clients, not to simply prepare documents. We refuse to help preparing some visa applications which are high likely to be rejected. This is how we come up to our clients’ expectations (that we can obtain visas for them)
We pay as close attention as possible when preparing application documents.

We have already handled more than 600 applications for Special Permission for Residence since 1986 and, as a result of our everyday effort, the rate of successful applications has always been almost 100%.

But there are 5 unsuccessful applications for Special Permission for Residence in past 20 years. They are due to the following reasons:

1.A client concealed important information.
2.An application was made with the client’s consent for a special reason although it was expected that the application would be unsuccessful.
3.A client’s misconduct such as apprehension by police for criminal activity, divorce, and disappearance.

It is possible for us to refund in full if an application for the Special Permission for Residence is rejected because we maintain very high success rate in applications for the permission.

3. We fully refund if an application for the Special Permission for Residence is rejected!


Even if an application for the Special Permission for Residence is rejected we support the client.
There are 2 options for the client.

1.full refund
2.Applications for the Special Permission for Landing for free (up to 3 times)
*the permission than enables a deported person to come to Japan.

* Except for applications rejected due to clients’ misconducts such as divorce after an application made. Please refer to the contract for detail.

4. Free Consultations.


We conduct free-consultations. This enables us to talk with our clients and find solutions without time and money restrictions.

Through consultations please evaluate us whether or not we are the specilitsts who deserve your trust.
Similarly we would like to accept your request after your problem and the solution for it are found.

Please note that we refuse to provide assistance for visa applications if they have little chance to obtain visas after consultations. We assert what we can do and what we cannot do. To gain our clients’ trust we explain the reason and refuse them without hesitation.

5. Consultations in English and Mandarin are available.


The Visa application is an important procedure because its result may affect the applicant’s life.

Therefore we provide consultations in English, and Mandarin to avoid misunderstandings.

The staffs in charge of each language are not mere interpreters. They are bilingual specialists who are familiar with visa applications. So you can leave the application to one of the staffs as they maintain high standards in fields ranging from consultations in the languages to document preparations in Japanese.

6. Clear Fees


We present clear fees that are calculated on the basis of the combination of services. The fees are as presented in our homepage unless there is an extra work.

Fees do not change according to applicants and their situations nor there is no additional fee. There is nothing you have to worry about.

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