”Employment of Overseas Workers and Procedures for Bringing Overseas Trainees:
For Japanese Companies which suffer from lack of Workers”

Hideo, Sano Makoto, Sano

November, 2005

Published by Nihon Kazo Press

\2,200 (without Tax)

book2.jpg “Easy-to-understand Entry Procedure: Basic Knowledge, Application procedures and 130 real questions”
Hideo, Sano Makoto, Sano
November, 2004
Published by Nihon Kazo Press
\3000 (without tax)
book3.jpg “This is the work of the immigration lawyer.”
Hideo, Sano Makoto, Sano
June, 2004
Published by Tyuokeizaisha
\1800 (without tax)

“Easy Entry Procedures: Practice and points to note”
Hideo, Sano 16, July, 2001
Published by Nihon Kazo Press

“Employment of Overseas worker: Guidance for accepting trainees from overseas and the procedures."
Hideo, Sano January, 1995
Published by Nihon Kazo press

“Guidance for Overseas worker employment and its procedures”
Hideo, Sano September 1992
Published by Sakura Sogo research center.

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