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What is Departure Order?

 Departure Order is to facilitate illegal residents to voluntarily leave Japan. It was enforced with revision of the Immigration Law in 2004.

 It enables illegal residents who satisfy certain conditions and turn themselves in to leave Japan without detention. Their barred period of entry to Japan is 1 year while others need to wait 5~10 years for re-entry.

1.No detention
2.1 years of barred period.

 Please note that it does not mean all illegal residents are subjects of Departure Order. Followings are the definitions of those who can be subjects of the order and profit from it when turning themselves in.:
1.The one who present him/herself at an Immigration Bureau, willing to leave Japan.
2.The one who has no violation other than overstaying.
3.The one who has never been imprisoned for crime such as theft.
4.The one who has never been deported or never left Japan by Departure Order in the past.
5.The one who leaves Japan immediately without doubt.

A point to note is, regarding 1, that Departure Order is not applied to someone already arrested and decided to be deported, even if he/she was to leave Japan on his/her will because, in this case, he/she does not eventually leave Japan voluntarily.

 Regarding 2, an overstay means that an alien remains in Japan after the expiry date of the visa without extension. So if one entered in Japan with a fake passport or other illegal methods is an illegal enterer.

If you meet 1-5 above you are able to leave Japan 2 weeks after your appearance at an Immigration Bureau. An ID such as a passport (or an alternative if lost) or alien registration is required when appearing at an Immigration Bureau.

At last an air ticket or a confirmation of flight reservation is required. But it is advised to purchase it in accordance with the instruction given by the person in charge at an Immigration Bureau to avoid waste of money, because the schedule for departure differs case by case.

 That is all for Departure Order outline. You need to pay attention for the barred period because end of it does not mean grant of a visa in principle.
In short even after the period you cannot come to Japan if an application for the Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence is for some reason rejected. Normally visa applications by those deported have to go through strict assessments. This means a visa is not always granted immediately after the period. So it is advised to prepare and apply for a visa with care.

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