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The Client's Review


Mrs. Wang (Chinese)

Requests: Completion of Marriage Registration, Application for Special Permission for Residence.

Time taken: 3.5 months.

1.This time you have completed the marriage registration and applied for Special Permission of Residence. Please tell us briefly your story.

I came to Japan as a student. I became an over-stay because of many matters. I knew I had to go back to China but I did not want to because I had a boyfriend, now my husband. So I was looking for a way to stay in Japan legally.


2.What made you decide to have specialist’s assistance for a visa application?

As a matter of the fact that some people apply for Special Permission of Residence by themselves I decided to have a specialist’s assistance because the situation of mine was complex and I did not think I could manage the application by myself.


3.Why did you choose ACROSEED among others?

I first inquired some offices using Internet but they told me my situation is abnormal and even the marriage registration would not be possible. I was about to give up thinking we had to live apart. Then a friend of mine told me about ACROSEED. I immediately visited them for a consultation.

I can speak everyday language in Japanese but I wanted to discuss things related to law and detail of procedures in Mandarin. It was such a relief that there was a specialist speaking Mandarin. My first impression was they were trustable because they had handled cases just like mine and succeeded in completing Marriage Registration and obtaining a visa, and because they gave me a clear explanation on what they can do and what they cannot.
Besides the office was packed with clients and felt very lively. There was no reason to walk out the door anymore. A friend of mine told me later many of my friends applied for visas through ACROSEED.


4.Please tell us frankly how did you find ACROSEED’s Service?
I could relax and sat for very strict assessment because the staff in charge prepared proper documents and he gave me instructions in detail on points to note when attending at a Immigration Bureau.

I was surprised the permission was granted after 3.5 months as I expected it took at least a year.


5.Finally, please tell those looking at this website how you feel.
Now I live with my husband and his family happily. It’s all thanks to ACROSEED that I could get “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” visa. I am vary happy that I met Staffs of ACROSEED. If you are looking for a specialist to apply for a visa I strongly recommend you ACROSEED!

Application for Marriage Registration, Provisional Release, and Special Permission for Residence after arrested and detained.

Mr. O (Nigerian)

Application for Marriage Registration, Provisional Release, and Special Permission for Residence after arrested and detained.

Time taken to obtain the Special Permission: 1 month.

Hello, everyone.

It is already 1 month since my husband was granted of the Special Permission for Residence. Thanks to you we are having good lives.

I beg your pardon for sending this letter instead of visiting your office to say thank you.

When I received a phone call from an officer at Shinagawa Police Station saying “We arrested your husband for illegally staying in Japan. He will be transferred to and detained at Tokyo Immigration Bureau tomorrow (1st of February)” I was lost in the middle of nowhere although I repeatedly told my self to calm down because I had absolutely no idea what to do.

Friends of mine who married non-Japanese people gave me pieces of advice based on their own experience. But it seems they ware hardly aware of that illegal stay is a crime and their advice was fairy optimistic one.

As I gradually gained knowledge about Immigration Act and Illegal Stay through Internet I started feeling anxious because I became aware of the difficult position my husband was in. So I contacted an Immigration lawyer for a piece of advice, but all I got from there was just an insult against my marriage with my Nigerian husband.

On the other day I called up ACROSEED although the experience prevented me from contacting another Immigration Lawyer. What encouraged me to call ACROSEED was the facts that I am a complete stranger with Immigration Control Act and Visa Applications, my husband was detained in Tokyo and It was rather far from Nagoya to do something by ourselves, and I was pregnant and my health condition was not stable.

I still think asking ACROSEED for help was a correct decision.

Mr. Bark who took care of our case was reliable. He told us “the most important thing now is time” and he did whatever he could for us promptly while he had a lot of other cases to deal with.

He applied for provisional release on 6th of February and for the Special Permission for Residence on 16th of February to Tokyo Immigration Bureau. He contacted and encouraged us as well. We could mentally depend on him. We are really grateful.

We were a little frustrated when the date for hearings was not fixed due to misunderstandings of the officer of the Bureau but other things went on as Mr. Bark told us.

Now I know how happy we can be when we live together.

The baby gave me strength as well. I could somehow made this far although it was quite a struggle thanks to our baby.

Again thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Letter of Appreciation

Dear Sir

 I really appreciate all you effort toward my provisional released.

 Furthermore, I don’t know how to thank you at all.

 I was released on 7th of March year 2007, although is not so easy for me when I was at the Immigration luck up ( detention ) I now believe that ?liberty is best ultimate for every human being.

 Now Ayumi and I where both in good condition, to say the fact she we were both happy when saw each other.

 Please kindly pardon me for sending you this brief line of message words of letter, well, my wife and baby we are all doing fine.

 And I thank your family are all doing fine too.

Thank you.

Your client

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